Our Stores

Gilmore Station, 3rd & Fairfax

Trader Joe’s: Gilmore Station is the proud home to your friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s!  Browse the wide, bright aisles to seek out your newest, favorite one-of-a-kind Trader Joe’s product. Daily wine tasting, cheese sampling, fresh flowers, a huge selection of fresh produce and Trader Joe’s label products, and top notch customer service also abound. You will love shopping here.
Phone: 323-931-4012, TraderJoes.com

Mendocino Farms: Artisanal flavors + tasty sandwiches inspired by wine country gourmet and green practices, what more could you ask for in a sandwich shop? As if that wasn’t enough, their salads and soups are delicious too!
Phone: 323-934-4261, Mendocinofarms.com

Paper Source: A true, old fashioned papierie, Paper Source brings a creative flourish to Gilmore Station. You are sure to find inspiration browsing through their large selection of fine stationery, greetings cards, unusual gifts, gift wrapping supplies, custom invitations, craft supplies and more. This store is sure to inspire you to “Do Something Creative Every Day.”®
Phone: 323-934-4791, Paper-Source.com

Peet’s Coffee and Tea: The original small batch coffee house is a welcome addition to the Gilmore Station offerings. We know you’ll be hooked after one sip of their rich, bold java or flavorful tea.
Phone: 323-648-4980, Peetscoffeeandtea.com

Planet Beauty: There are no beauty secrets, in Planet Beauty, only friendly, knowledgeable staff happy to share the tricks of the trade to help you look and feel your best. This bright, vibrant store features all of the top brands of skin care and hair care products, styling tools and a wide array of cosmetics.
Phone: 323-503-4139, PlanetBeauty.com